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Home Fluoride Rinse

Most of our patients at Ora Dental appreciate the benefits of fluoride treatment, whether it is from fluoridated toothpaste, professional fluoride treatment at our office, or home fluoride rinses.  As we know, Calgary’s city water does not contain fluoride; consequently, some people  miss out on the benefits of fluoride for tooth decay prevention and strengthening tooth enamel.

It has come to the attention (and to much disappointment) of some of our patients that the once available over-the-counter home fluoride rinse, by Oral B, is no longer available and nowhere to be found at our city pharmacies!

But,…have no fear!  There are alternatives where patients can still get an over-the-counter fluoride rinse to include in their home regiment for good oral health!

See below an article excerpt on the website of the Alberta Dental Association and College:

Home use daily and weekly fluoride rinses are commonly recommended by many dentists to patients with an elevated caries risk.  Oral B Fluorinse has been one of the most frequently recommended products by dentists to help reduce caries in those patients at elevated risk.  Unfortunately Oral B/Crest has made a business/marketing decision to discontinue the production of Fluorinse products.  This includes both the daily 0.05% sodium fluoride and the weekly 0.2% sodium fluoride (NaF) Fluorinse products.  Oral B/Crest recommends as a replacement for the Fluorinse products Crest Pro-Health Complete mouth rinse 0.0219% sodium fluoride which is below the fluoride concentration desired for effective caries prevention.  The daily use 0.05% and the weekly use 0.2% concentrations of NaF are the desired concentrations for effective caries prevention for patients with an elevated caries risk.   

There are other products available with the desired NaF concentrations.   For example Oral Science Inc. produces a 0.2% NaF and 0.05% NaF rinse under the name X-Pur Opti-Rinse.

These products can be found at several pharmacies in Alberta according to the Oral Science website

Another daily use product which can be found at many pharmacies is the Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief rinse which has 0.05% NaF.

Patients who do not find these or comparable products at their pharmacy should ask the pharmacist if it is possible to obtain them as often the products stocked on pharmacy shelves are driven by consumer demand. 

So, there are still some options on the market for home fluoride rinses.

Feel free to come visit us at Ora Dental and we would be more than happy to discuss any questions/concerns you might have regarding fluoride rinses and fluoride in general.

…and remember, fluoride rinses do not replace daily brushing and flossing and regular dental visits!